Here is one truism all business owners share – if you are in business, then you need customers. There are as many ways to try and reach customers as there are businesses. Why do some succeed spectacularly while others slowly fade away? It’s all about reaching your ideal customer.

Numbers alone don’t tell the story. When it comes to your ideal customer, it is definitely a matter of quality over quantity. An easy place to see this is Facebook, where you can accumulate thousands of “likes” without ever making a single sale. To find and reach your ideal customer – the one who will not only buy your products and services but who will also spread the word to others – start with these steps for success.

Actions Strategies for Reaching Your Ideal Customer

Decide who your ideal customer is

While this sounds like a given, you would be amazed how many business owners have difficulty with this step or skip it altogether. “My products and services are good for everyone” may be a popular refrain, but it can result in your spending precious time and resources on marketing and outreach to huge numbers of people who will never convert to sales.

Remember – you will always get the customers you are willing to accept.

If you don’t set the rules, your customers will do it for you. This includes those high-maintenance, low return customers who end up taking time away from other, more engaged customers. Keep the Pareto Principle in mind – 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Target your top 20% as your ideal customers and watch the returns increase.

How do you determine who fits the ideal customer profile for your business? Here is a sampling of qualities to consider:

– They pay their bills on time
– They are pleasant to deal with
– They tell their friends about me
– They are regular customers
– They are happy to be on my mailing list
– They take advantage of special offers
– They are raving fans

Go through your current client list with your ideal customer criteria in mind

Now that you know who you are seeking as an ideal customer, how do the people on your current customer list stack up? Who are the time-consuming, low return customers? Who are the ones who are easy, repeat customers who bring in friends and tell others about your great products and services? Once you weed through the list with a new eye, you’ll be amazed at how clear the picture becomes.

Now that you have identified your ideal customer, it will be much easier to target your marketing, streamline your customer service and get creative about upsells and incentives that appeal to your specific ideal customer group.

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