If you are the leader of your business as an owner, CEO, or member of upper management, great leadership should always be top of mind. Teams without it are like rudderless ships, primed for rebellion, mutiny, inertia, and even running aground from lack of direction. You can keep your team (and your business) running smoothly and at top productive form by setting the tone with great leadership.

What is great leadership? At the top of the list is passion. Our own belief in our business concept and its possibilities are directly reflected in the people around us. If we are not enthused, why would anyone working with us be enthused? Think of great business leaders and thinkers that have inspired you – Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, JayZ, or Jeff Bezos. You may not always be on board with what they are doing. You may not always think they can do it. Many of them have had significant public failures and yet people follow them into the business fires time and time again. Why? Because they know how to inspire people with their visions, create clear plans for getting where they want to go, and have shown leadership by putting their own skin in the game.

Inc. contributor Kevin Daum recently posted an article about the 10 Traits of Great Leaders (And Their Followers). Among the traits are ambition, patience, humility, humor, and gratitude – not necessarily the first items we think of when talking about great leadership. And yet, that connection with other people requires that we be well-rounded with our interactions, knowing what drives our teams to their highest performance levels and keeps them engaged with our company vision.

At ActionCOACH, our approach to great leadership for your business is tied into these concepts and more. Key factors for success include starting at the very beginning by defining what your vision is, why it is important and what you want to achieve so that you can be clear before you begin to enroll others.

Combining that clear vision, passion, a road map to get there, and inspiration through your own work and actions can move you into great leadership from the very beginning. Even if you are realigning an existing company, the same principles apply. Your enthusiasm for a newly clarified vision for your business will be contagious to existing employees, too. Great leadership is what it says – LEADERSHIP! Learning to take the lead with confidence, compassion, motivation and a clear, thoughtful plan of action may be just what you need to move your business from striving to thriving.

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