We are living in unprecedented times of uncertainty and challenge for businesses of all sizes. However, small business owners especially face difficult circumstances as government restrictions continue to shift and limit normal operations.

Find support for your small business as you work to sustain and adjust during the COVID-19 crisis. Small business coaching from Alliance Business Coaching provides the opportunity to connect with and learn from a professional business coach and other business leaders.

Five Ways Small Business Coaching Provides Support

1 – Honest Reflection of Current Status

Part of small business coaching is an unbiased assessment of your current business status. This means we evaluate your business so that we can offer insight into ways to improve operations and your leadership.

During our current time of crisis, as small businesses struggle, this assessment can help to improve operations. In addition, a new perspective offers insights you may not have discovered on your own. 

2 – Financial Review

Government aid, business loans, and other financial resources aren’t necessarily easy to understand. Unlike large corporations, most small businesses run with fewer reserves. Recent government shutdowns hit small business budgets hard.

With small business coaching, we guide you in reviewing your current financial situation to determine where to better manage specific areas. We also provide insight into what aid programs provide the best solutions.

3 – Succession Planning

One mistake many small businesses make is a lack of a succession plan. What happens to your business if something happens to the owner? Can your business continue to run if you get sick? Can you take time off and keep your business open?

If not, you need an improved plan. Your business’s worth suffers if it depends solely on you. With small business coaching, we help you look at your current succession plan and work together to create a plan for your future.

4 – Create a Strategic Plan

Businesses, regardless of size, need a strategic plan. Part of our small business coaching program is guidance to develop a 90-day strategic plan. A strategic plan acts as a roadmap for your business. Right now, as small businesses face uncertainty, a plan is more important than ever.

A current strategic plan should include various scenarios for your business based on possible government restrictions. How will you shift and move forward? We help you consider your options and build a better path forward.

5 – Set Priorities

As a business owner, you are likely overworked and stressed in the face of COVID-19. However, you cannot do everything at once. Priorities matter with daily operations and long-term planning. Plus, you need time to rest and invest in a quality life outside of your business.

Part of small business coaching is learning to set priorities and delegate to your team so that you can lessen your burden. You can’t see the big picture when you are in the weeds. We help you take a step back and review your priorities.

Invest in Small Business Coaching

At Alliance Business Coaching, we work with businesses of all sizes to provide insight and guidance. However, we truly love working with small business owners. You are the heart of our communities. As such, we want to see you thrive.

Contact Alliance Business Coaching to schedule an introductory consultation to see if small business coaching is right for you.