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What is My Business Worth?

Business valuation answers the question of what your business is worth. At Alliance Business Coaching, we offer a business value assessment to assist in valuing a business. The business valuation process takes a deep dive into the financials of your business through analysis and evaluation in order to offer a reliable business appraisal. At the end of the business valuation process you’ll understand the real economic value of your business.

What is a Business Valuation?

Business valuation is a method to define the economic or financial value of a business. In other words, business valuation is the fair market value of a business or the total amount a business could be sold for. It’s the monetary worth of your business. The process of professional business valuation provides business owners will an unbiased determination of the value of a business.

Purpose of Business Valuation

The primary reason to obtain a business valuation is for the process of selling a business. Before the owner determines the correct price to sell a business, the value must be established. However, business valuation occurs for other common reasons, including when a partnership is formed and percentages set. Also, if a partner wants to be bought out, the current value of the company is needed. Another reason for business valuation is for divorce settlements if the business is part of the divorce proceeding.

Business valuations occur for many different reasons. Regardless of your purpose for conducting a valuation of your business, it is key to work with an experienced professional in order to receive an accurate and unbiased assessment.

Do You Need a Business Valuation?

Even if you aren’t trying to sell, create a partnership or facing a divorce, a business valuation may be beneficial.

  • Do you need the actual value of your business to obtain the correct amount of insurance coverage?
  • Are you trying to decide if you want to sell your business but don’t know the value?
  • Are you seeking investors and need to explain their potential return on investment?
  • Do you simply want to know what your business is worth?

Valuing a Business – How it Works

At Alliance Business Coaching, we offer business valuation services to Colorado clients with a focus in the Denver Metro area. Our clients need an experienced and professional approach to create an accurate and customized business appraisal. Our expert business consultants work with you through a holistic approach to determine the value of your business.

Our financial experts evaluate your financial records to determine the worth of your business. We also offer unbiased input into the best steps forward for your business. A business valuation is a great first step to set strategic goals and create a better approach to running your business.

Determine the Value of Your Business

Contact the professionals at Alliance Business Coaching to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs for business valuation. We will talk with you to determine if a business valuation is the right step to answer your questions and meet your end goals.

We’ll then pair you with the right team members to work through the valuation process. We also offer business valuation in combination with our other business coaching and consulting packages to provide a broad scope of support for your personal and business growth.

Contact us today to get started understanding the worth of your business.

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