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Lani Langton – Certified Business Coach

Lani Langton brings almost 20 years of experience as a business coach and mentor to her role at Alliance Business Coaching. Over the years, Lani has successfully navigated a vast array of issues through her business coaching services. With a track record of success as a business consultant, she’s successfully created process management solutions for more efficient operations and strategies for her clients.

Her career began at a private equity and consulting firm where she took an interest in the inner workings. Her insight and initiative established her as a knowledgeable and skilled advocate business consultant for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This experience created a natural path to independent business consulting and coaching. Her gift for inquisitiveness and problem solving positively impacts her clients through her customized and personalized approach to help businesses thrive.

Lani continually builds on her industry knowledge to stay up-to-date on market trends and research. She is a certified business coach, which means she’s completed specific training, hours of hands-on experience and mastered the standards and ethics required to receive certification. In other words, Lani is an expert in her field. Not only does she have the knowledge and training to solve your business’s problems and take you to the next level, but she has a loyal client following with raving referrals and reviews. Lani stands out among her peers and is respected by business leaders throughout Colorado.

Her proven track record includes working with businesses on the brink of closure to become flourishing local and national enterprises. She has been instrumental in creating multimillion-dollar success stories for corporations looking to rise to the next level. Over the years, Lani has seen virtually every issue a business could face. No matter your situation or goals, Lani is equipped to guide you through your next objective or challenge.

We Help Businesses Thrive

At Alliance Business Coaching, our team of certified business coaches offer a full spectrum of professional guidance to help businesses thrive. We work with small and mid-sized businesses at all stages to reach the next level of growth.

Our focus is to help entrepreneurs, business owners and executives find the balance to achieve true business success without sacrificing your quality of life. Together we employ strategies to meet your professional goals while enjoying the benefits of personal freedom. Alliance Business Coaching works as a tool to help businesses reach their full potential.

Our top priority is to increase the value of your business. The primary goal is to teach business owners and professionals to establish healthy boundaries in order to achieve lasting success through balance and organization.

Lani is the real deal! Enthusiastic, smart, helpful and passionate about helping others grow their businesses. Awesome!!

Jackie Grawe

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