Thinking about planning for the new year? You are not alone. As 2018 winds down, smart business owners are already looking ahead to find ways they can ensure success in 2019. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to your best business year yet.

1. Remember the Why

Before putting pen to paper with idea one, take time to stop and remember why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. A clear vision of why provides motivation, inspiration, and direction for all the rest of the planning process. If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out Simon Sineck’s TED Talk on the subject and get fired up.

2. Get started before the new year

Preparation for a new year of business starts way before the year actually arrives. Don’t get caught flatfooted and start scrambling on January 1. Thinks specifics as you set goals that are attainable, but push you just a little, Don’t be afraid to dream – just be sure to put all the steps to your goal in place to make sure you have a clear path that can get you there. Ensure success in 2019 through being prepared before it even gets here.

3. Leverage partnerships

Remember that there are lots of other businesses out there who would love to partner with someone like you to create something bigger than any of you could do alone. Who are some natural fits for collaboration? Get creative and keep the concept of “value-added’ in mind. What do you have to offer that would add value to a partner’s clients? What do they have that can add value to yours? Find that perfect meeting spot and get busy making it work.

4. Get help when you need it

None of us knows how to do everything, particularly not as an expert. You may save a little money by trying to do it all yourself in the short run, but you will be losing far more money through poor execution, not getting it all done, and not having the best possible performance in key business areas. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. There are plenty of qualified and affordable options for help ranging from work-at-home solopreneurs to college interns who can do certain jobs faster and better than you without breaking the bank.

5.  Accountability

None of this planning will add up to much if you don’t add accountability to ensure success in 2019. Much like New Year’s resolutions and good intentions, it is easier for us to fall back into our old habits than it is to create true change. Having a coach provides this accountability as well as adding resources such as fresh eyes on problem areas, additional resources, and an extended professional network.

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