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Discover the system behind ActionCOACH and learn more about the leading business coaching strategies that are shaping companies throughout the world. Each White Paper is packed with valuable information, resources you can use to make better decisions about your future – and the future of your business.

Recession-Proof Your Business

Why some businesses thrive while others implode during an economic recession remains a puzzle to many business-owning entrepreneurs. Some mistakenly assume that all businesses must suffer through recessionary cycles. But the fact is that some companies are essentially recession-proof, and it is not necessarily because they are bigger, better known, or more generously capitalized. What really separates the successful enterprises from those that collapse during down cycles is that they are organized around a uniquely dynamic and healthier approach to business.

11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in 4 Weeks

Double the volume of business clients or customers within a single month by following simple but highly effective steps to generate leads and successfully convert them into paying customers. The secret to a truly successful business lies within a keen understanding of the needs and desires of the market – and it is ultimately individual people who constitute that market.

12 Essential Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a businessperson who not only conceives and organizes ventures but also frequently takes risks in doing so. Not all independent business people are true entrepreneurs, and not all entrepreneurs are created equal. Different degrees or levels of entrepreneurial intensity and drive depend upon how much independence one exhibits, the level of leadership and innovation they demonstrate, how much responsibility they shoulder, and how creative they become in envisioning and executing their business plans.

How to Intentionally Attract and Build Dream Teams

As every successful entrepreneur knows, human capital is the greatest asset of any company. A dream team makes it possible to accomplish powerful objectives, while providing deeper and richer career satisfaction along the way. But human resources can also be the biggest liability, and that is too often blamed on the personnel themselves – not on the people whose job it is to hire them.

Walk Away from Your Business for a Lifestyle of Dreams

Here are six tips for designing and implementing business strategies and systems that work – and earn more money – while their owners enjoy living out their dreams. Smart business owners are always focused on profit. Without profit margins – regardless of how many sales transactions there are or how much the gross revenue increases – every business will eventually run itself into the ground.

Work at Least 10 Fewer Hours Each Week While Maintaining or Increasing Productivity and Profits

Learn how to work less and make more in four easy steps. Those who have leisure time to spend pursuing their passions and dreams experience the real wealth in life. John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was a man in command of incredible amounts of money, but he once remarked, “I know of nothing more despicable and pathetic than a man who devotes all the hours of the waking day to the making of money for money’s sake.”

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